just for Yentz

Posted: 03/02/2006 in 生活无忧无虑

well……i know this is the bunga u paling suka
me too……thats why we hav our song
hop u still remember the facial exspression

when i nyanyi wiv the lao ya guitar……
this is my third cny here
actually i should lupa u orely but my dad always missing u
i hop i boleh BERJAYA here
tapi i tak tahu wat u wan in ur life……


sometime i fikir…….my life sudah cukup liao

bcoz so many lucky jatuh atas bahu saya

what i pray really bcom truth

thats why sometime i sangat takut……i don know

well…..the bunga make me thinking of u

so i write something 4 u……


i hav prepare the cny gift 4 u

pls ask my bro or dad next week lah



masih in beijing 2006 

  1. yentz说道:



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